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[22 Oct 2010|07:42pm]
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[20 Apr 2010|05:28am]
So my cousin got shot Sunday night. In the head. Actually, in the face. I didn't tell anyone at work, I just sat there quietly all day, listening to people bitch and moan about the most unimportant things, and I just wanted to grab their faces and ask if they want to compare nights.

He;s got about a 50/50 chance of making it right now, and if he does, there will likely be some extensive brain damage.
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[13 Apr 2010|05:21pm]
I feel like I just got out of high school, but just realized it's been almost 6 years.
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[29 Dec 2009|05:30pm]
Christmas was kind of a bummer. I was sick (vomit/fever/aches/the works), and then my grandfather died. Funeral Thursday.
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[10 Nov 2009|04:45pm]
I want to get a new cell phone. I have T-mobile. Ideas? I have a blackberry right now. It's awesome, but I am due for an upgrade, and why not?

Whoooo cares, right? But I know like 4 of you work for cell phone companies.
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[27 Jun 2009|11:01pm]
Things are pretty fucked up right now.
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June 20th [06 Jun 2009|07:15am]
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[05 Jun 2009|07:48pm]
I don't think I've mentioned lately how much I lvoe my camera. Poor boy has been stuck in his camera bag too long.

memorial weekend

memorial weekend 2
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[13 May 2009|07:36pm]
Going to kill my drummer.
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[25 Apr 2009|08:45am]
My cat just stabbed me in the neck with his claw, and iit hurt really bad.

On a brighter note, though, I just put down 60 for my tattoos next weekend. I do love new tattoos.
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There's nothing like dead crabs [04 Apr 2009|03:16pm]
And bees pollenating daisies. =)

Dead crab

dead crab

dead crab

bumble bee
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[01 Apr 2009|05:25am]
Oh sweet jesus, MarkII!!

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[01 Mar 2009|07:24pm]
Cheesey "behind the scenes" photo shoot? I think so!

studio 068

studio 069

studio 070

Why am I making a fish face? That is a beautiful question.
studio 071

studio 072

studio 075

studio 077

studio 078
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[27 Feb 2009|05:04pm]
I've got my home [photography] studio set up! Yaaaaaay!!! Sooo excited to play with this!!
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[17 Feb 2009|07:46pm]
We got our new electronic drum kit today. Now we can practice at home, yay!

It's kind of awesome.
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[07 Feb 2009|04:31pm]
I don't know if any camera nerds read my livejournal anymore, but if so this might mean something to you.

I am purchasing the Canon 5d Mark II and am soooo excited!!!

Format SLR
Price (street) $3449.99
Also known as
Release Status
Max resolution 5616 x 3744
Low resolution 4080 x 2720, 2784 x 1856, 5616 x 3744, 3861 x 2574, 2784 x 1856
Image ratio w:h 3:2
Effective pixels 21.0 million
Sensor photo detectors 22.0 million
Sensor size 36 x 24 mm (8.64 cm²)
Pixel density 2.4 MP/cm²
Sensor type CMOS
Sensor manufacturer Canon
ISO rating 100 - 6400 in 1/3 stops, plus 50, 12800, 25600 as option
Zoom wide (W)
Zoom tele (T)
Digital zoom No
Image stabilization No
Auto Focus TTL-SIR-CT, 9 focus points
Manual Focus Yes
Normal focus range
Macro focus range
White balance override 8 positions & manual preset
Aperture range
Min shutter 30 sec
Max shutter 1/8000 sec
Built-in Flash No
Flash range
External flash Yes, hot-shoe & sync
Flash modes External
Exposure compensation -2 to +2 EV in 1/3 EV or 1/2 EV steps
Metering 35 area eval, center weighted, partial, spot
Aperture priority Yes
Shutter priority Yes
Focal length multiplier 1
Lens thread Canon EOS EF mount
Continuous Drive Yes, 3.9 fps max 78 JPEG, 13 RAW
Movie Clips Yes, 1980 x1080 @ 30fps, up to 12 min, 640 x 480 @ 30fps up to 24 min
Remote control Yes, N3 connector
Self-timer Yes, 2 or 10 sec
Timelapse recording Yes, by cable and PC
Orientation sensor Yes
Storage types Compact Flash (Type I or II), UDMA, Microdrive
Storage included None
Uncompressed format Yes, RAW, sRAW1, sRAW2
Quality Levels Fine, Normal
Viewfinder Optical (Pentaprism, 98% coverage, 0.71x magnification)
LCD 3 "
LCD Dots 920,000
Live View Yes
USB USB 2.0 (480Mbit/sec)
Wireless No
Environmentally sealed No
Battery Canon Li-Ion LP-E6 & CR1616
Weight (inc. batteries) 850 g (30 oz)
Dimensions 152 x 114 x 75 mm (6 x 4.5 x 3 in)
Notes Live View with Manual and Auto-Focus
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Dear friends [20 Dec 2008|12:24pm]
There is supposed to be a pretty gnarly storm tonight. Lots of snow and wind and a good chance of power outages. It may or may not happen, but we have a generator here at my place in Kingston and any of my friends are welcome to come over and wait it out in a somewhat comfortable environment. =) We have air matresses and blankets, board games, and even a little booze to warm the belly. :P
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[18 Dec 2008|09:02am]
I haven't seen snow like this in a really long time. Huge, powdery flakes. Falling super fast. I hope it lasts. I know everyone bitches about it, but I have nowhere to drive, and some pretty great snow clothes if I need to walk somewhere.

It's so gorgeous I wish I could get a decent picture of it!
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[14 Dec 2008|07:58pm]
Ludicrous Speed is playing at Silent Night this year.
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Blah blah blah, shameless self promotion. So what, this is MY blog. [09 Dec 2008|05:59pm]

20081122-124 copy

Brian and Kaeli



Jayla Brian Kaeli


Dani and Brian

Goofy family
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